Bathroom lighting

Bathroom, a small room where we spend quite a bit of time. Just think about having a bathroom with more than one light. A single light in the center of the bathroom gives a good illumination at the center of the room but doesn’t seem to have much effect at the corners. Mirrors in the bathroom deserves more attention and even the lights at the either sides of the walls provide us good illumination.

The wall lights in the bathroom, typically one on each side of the mirror, which provides even lighting from both sides on to your face. A ceiling fixture is a good idea and many modern styles are available which allow your bathroom decor to be as unique.

We can specify different zones in the bathroom so as to make good illumination:
Zone1: This zone is either inside the shower or bath. Fix any low voltage bulb,max voltage of 12v, and which is total immersion proof and is rated at least IP67.

Zone2: This zone is an area which is 2.25m from the floor and is about the bath. Use a RCD(Residual Current Device) fitting 240v 30ma bulb, which protect the circuit in this zone.

Zone3: This zone is an area which stretches 0.6m outside the perimeter of bath and to a height of 2.25m from the floor. It is a good practice to use this sort of lighting in areas around a wash basin, within a 60cm radius.

Much care needs to be taken while choosing thebathroom lighting as it should not form any shadows in the bathroom. A good bathroom lighting makes you very comfortable for particular moment of time but keeps your day pleasant for the rest of your day because most of them believe that a pleasant start will always lead to a happy day and a pleasant ending.